The Kūaotunu Dark Sky Trust


The Trust

The Kūaotunu Dark Sky (KDS) Trust has been established under the auspices of the Kūaotunu Peninsula Biosphere Working Group (KPBWG).

The Trust will initially take over responsibility for governance of the Dark Sky Community project and, once accreditation is achieved, will have a continuing role to play in the governance of the Dark Sky Community.

The Vision

“The natural night skies of the Kūaotunu Dark Sky Community are protected against light pollution in perpetuity, supporting the health, environmental quality and economic resilience of the local communities.”

The Mission

Our Mission is to maintain formal accreditation as a Dark Sky Community from the International Dark Sky Association, by working with key stakeholders and engaging with local communities to preserve the quality of the natural night skies through responsible lighting policies, actions, and public education.

We will also:

  • seek to extend the phase 1 boundaries of the Dark Sky Community where possible, including Matarangi, Whangapoua and further on the Coromandel Peninsula
  • Support the broader strategy of the Biosphere Working Group.


Alastair Brickall

Alastair Brickall


Alastair is well known in Kūaotunu as a passionate advocate of Dark Skies, and owner of the astrotourism business Stargazers.  After years of lobbying and advocating, his long term vision is close to becoming a reality!

Paul Cook

Paul Cook


Paul has been active for many years on the Ōpito Bay Ratepayers Committee, and more recently on the Kūaotunu Biosphere Working Group.  He is hoping his extensive business and governance background will compensate for his lack of Astronomy knowledge!

Ed Scorgie

Ed Scorgie


Ed is a partner with Auckland legal firm Chapman Tripp, but first and foremost a dedicated amateur astronomer, with a full observatory built into his bach at Ōpito Bay.

Cara Jordan

Cara Jordan


Cara is the manager of corporate services for Destination Hauraki Coromandel.  She has been a passionate advocate for the Dark Skies initiative, and was directly responsible for securing funding for the second stage of the project.  She is particularly focussed on astro-tourism opportunities that the Dark Skies Community will deliver.