We have made steady progress since the last project update, with draft District Plan provisions ready for initial discussion with the Council Planner and IDA this week.  After feedback, the provisions will go to key stakeholders for comment, including Iwi, Waka Kotahi, Utility companies and DOC.  Consultation carried out to date with htese stakeholders has been very positive, and we anticipate submission of the Plan Change to council in July or August.

We are also building the comprehensive application document for IDA (now renamed and rebranded as DarkSky, but we will continue woth both names for a while to avoid confusion).

We have our fourth community event planned for early morning on Saturday 15th, with the opportunity to see Matariki rising at Kūaotunu (see home page of this website or the Dark SkyFacebook group for details and weather updates).  This follows the Easter event attended by over 100 people at Ōpito Bay.

We were delighted to receive an invitation to present an update on the project to the TCDC Council meeting this week, and received very positive feedback and indications of support.

A copy of the presentation to Council can be viewed here.